Best Foods in Karachi

Karachi, Sindh

Best Foods in Karachi

Today, we discuss all-time favorite Best Foods in Karachi will Love to eat. As we all know Karachi cities specialties are unique and uncountable. Either, discover sightseeing places or taste uncountable lovely tasty delicious food all around the corner of Karachi city.


Similarly, there are thousands of tasty foods available all over the Karachi city with unique and alternative recipes to make, but here we share some mouthwatering food list include Karachi Chicken Karahi, Karachi Biryani, BBQ, Chargha, Paya, Nihari, Shawarma, Haleem, Fast foods, Chicken Handi, Afghani Pulao (Kabuli Pulao), Pizza Chat, Sajji, Chinease food, Mandi food, Custard, Kheer and Cakes and more cuisine dishes variety can be present for eat lovers.

Karachi Chicken Karahi


Karachi Chicken Karahi is all time favorite and easy to cook dish. Mostly, Chicken Karahi is usually can find in all type of get to gather, buffets, parties, and dawats, because Karahi food has can be different variations like Chicken Green karahi, Mutton karahi, Beef karahi, Koyla karahi, Charsi Karahi and Dum ke karahi which can be served by roti, hot naan with salad and lots more karahi dishes list can be find easily in the internet.

Karachi Biryani


Biryani is the most favorite food for all age group. All the species mixed in biryani to make it dynamic dish in every occasion. Biryani food has can be different variations like Sindhi Biryani, Dum ke Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Beef Biryani, Nali Biryani, Teh wali Biryani, Khachay ghoust ke Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Prawn Biryani, Fish Biryani, Kofta Biryani and lots more variations are available for visitors comfort.

Barbeque (BBQ)

BBQ (Barbecue) or (Barbeque) is the most favorite food for all time eat lovers. There is lot of variety in BBQ dishes, eat lovers can cook their favorite bbq food in grill pan or in charcoal.

Most of the time BBQ prepared in occasions like wedding, engagement, birthday parties in a large amount and can be enjoy along their loved famous-bbq-foods-in-karachi.jpg ones. BBQ has several variety dishes which are include Malai Boti, Seekh Kabab, different type of Tikkas, Dhaga Kabab, Bohri Kabab, Kastoori Boti, Bihari Boti and lots more food available in BBQ can be enjoy with green chatni and paratha and roti along their family and friends.

Chicken Chargha


Chargha is a delicious food and can be prepare usually in Chicken called "Chicken Chargha". It is prepared in whole chicken marinated overnight and then it turn mouthwatering taste. Served with salad and raita. Chicken Chargha has variations like Lahori Chargha, Steam Chargha, Degi Chargha and Tandoori Chargha. Chargha masala and Chargha Biryani present in a very unique way.



Paya or Paaya is a traditional food from the Indian Subcontinent. It is rich in protein and minerals other properties and benefits are like collagen, glutamine, glycine, proline boost immunity and energy, aids sleep and improves memory system. Paya Curry can be made in Mutton Paya and Beef Paya, usually made in special occasions in Asian countries.



Nihari is a popular dish which come from Old Delhi. It's a meat based dish, favorite from all time food lovers. It can be cook in Mutton Nihari, Beef Nihari and Chicken Nihari. Usually took in Breakfast or sometime in lunch or dinner.



Shawarma is another delicious mouthwatering food, when you want to eat some chatpata, then make or order Chicken Shawarma. It's usually wrap in roti with chicken, chatni and some sour veggies. Most of the time people eat when they want to change their taste, because it's tasty and smokey as well.



Haleem is a very popular dish for all age group. Everyone love to eat haleem in various time, when they want it the best. It's a heavy, healthy and nutritious food, can be cook at home or buy online and enjoy hot and delicious food. It has 3 varieties to cook by chicken Haleem, Beef Haleem and Mutton Haleem, they all taste outstanding, also serve with fry onions, chatmasla, lemon, mint leaves and hot naan.

Fast Food

Fast Food is one of the fast serving food to take less to prepare that's why, called it "Fast Food". Fast food has lots of variety available in all over the country. It's fast to cook and delicious to eat any time anywhere in the country.


Everyone love to eat and make at home or buy from their favorite places whenever they want. Fast food varieties are Any type of Burgers, Seekh Kabab, Tikki Paratha, Fry Fish and chip, Sandwiches, Pitas, Fried chicken, French fries, Chicken nuggets, Tacos, Malai Boti, Behari Boti, Broast, Fry Chicken Pieces and lots more availabilities are common in Fast food items.

Chicken Handi


Chicken Handi is a special dish for all age group people. It procedure of making is very easy, taste so delicious and turn into creamy texture. Chicken handi is usually made from boneless chicken, their species are less but taste turn very mouthwatering. Famous Handi are Creamy Chicken Boneless Handi, White Chicken Boneless Handi, Butter Chicken Handi etc.

Afghani Pulao (Kabuli Pulao)


Afghani Pulao (Kabuli Pulao) is a very popular food and variety of pilaf made in Afghanistan, Tajikistan. It's made with rice, raisins, carrots and include with mutton, beef or lamb. It's a very light dish but delicious as well.


Pizza is an all-time mouthwatering food, popular among all age group. It has lots of varieties in it. People love to make and eat in casual days and occasionally also.


Pizza has made at home or order online in a regular basis. Pizza has lots of varieties to make include Cheese Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Buffalo Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Supreme Pizza, Tomato Cheese Pizza and several other variety of Pizza available around the corner.

Chinese Food

Chinese food is a main course and popular in china. Nowadays, lots of people love to eat Chinese food as compare to other food, because Chinese food is lite food and contain less species more tasty and full of veggies available.


Chinese food also have a variety include Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Shashlik, Chicken Manchurian, Hot and Sour Soup, Prawn Soup, Szechwan Chilli Chicken, Dim Sums, Noodles, Spring Rolls, Stir Fried Tofu with Rice, Peri Peri Chicken Satay, Vegetable Fried Rice, Vegetable Manchow Soup, Kung Pao chicken, Wonton and Chicken and Vegetable Spaghetti. Everyone loves to eat and make Chinese food in any time.

Mandi Food

Mandi food is a traditional dish come from Hadhramaut, Yemen. Mandi food is mainly made from rice, meat (lamb, camel, goat or chicken) cooked in a pit underground and a mixture of spices called hawaij.


It's a very popular dish in Arabian Peninsulain, Egypt, Levant and Turkey. Most famous dish in Mandi are Mutton Madfoon, Mutton Mandi, Chicken Madbee, Hamour Fish, Sea Food, Chicken Madhghoot, Mutton Salim, Grilled Prawn Mandi Delicious Desert in their own unique style.

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