Bahawalpur Zoo

Jail Road, Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur Zoo

Bahawalpur Zoo Garden Punjab also called it "Bahawalpur Zoological Garden" is the fourth biggest Zoo in Punjab, located at Stadium Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in early 1942, by the former of Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi. Its spread an area around 25 acres, some years back, it was managed by the Government of Pakistan.

Bahawalpur Zoo has plenty of visitors in daily basis, especially in weekends, it seems to be full of families along with their kids, tourist and visitors, all are come for fun and entertainment. All the visitors spend their full day at Zoo and their bore day turn into a lovely day.

Bahawalpur Zoological Garden is one of the best Collection of all Animals, Birds, Mammals, and it has also contained a lovely aquarium room and a Museum with Stuffed Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, domestic Cats, Jackals, Indian Civet Cat, Crocodiles, Lions, Tigers, Hyenas, Pelicans, Cranes, Geese, Peafowl, Blackbuck, Hog Deer, Nilgai, European Red Deer, Chinkara, and last in the list but not least European Mouflon to be shown in a very professional way.

Millions of the uncounted visitors come from different regions to enjoy at Bahawalpur Zoo in daily basis with their families and kids.

Alias Names

Bahawalpur Zoological Garden • بہاولپور چڑیاگھر

Established Established in 1942


NearBy Landmark Dring Stadium
Location Jail Road, Bahawalpur
City / Town Bahawalpur
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Bahawalpur Zoo, Jail Road, Bahawalpur

Contacts +92 (62) 9255334
Geo Coordinates 29.4039110231469 °N,    71.6815853118896 °E
Official Website

Travelor Instructions

Bahawalpur Zoo Visit Timings

Saturday - Monday 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Bahawalpur Zoo Entry Fee

Adult Rs.6/- each
Child Rs.4/- each

Bahawalpur Zoo Parking Fee

Car Rs 10/- each
Cycle Rs 3/- each
Motorcycle Rs 5/- each

Map Of Bahawalpur Zoo

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We want to arrange a School tour, Kindly guide us in this regard;

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The best season or month to visit Bahawalpur Zoo in-between February - March, you will found less visitors and students enjoy & explore better, Climate of Bahawalpur Zoo ranges between 7-12 C Minimum to 38-42 C Maximum, Entry Fee for Adult Rs.6/- each Child Rs.4/- each for more details and packages contact Bahawalpur Zoo management at Phone: 92 (062) 9255334


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