Bahawalpur Museum

Circular Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab

Bahawalpur Museum

Bahawalpur Museum is mostly famous for displaying the Cultural Lifestyle and Historical Heritage items, located Circular Road near Central Library Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1976, under the control of Bahawalpur District Government.

For the efficient efforts of Bahawalpur Museum, initially has arranged many exhibition and seminars simultaneously, for the history lover’s visitors, tourist and families, such as Seminars and Symposiums for various kinds of Art, Antiques which represent the Archaeology, Ethnology Heritage of traditional, modern history and also to represent nicely religious factors in a preserve pieces of art in a very good manner.

Moreover, Bahawalpur Museum has nonstop informative Galleries, which shows the History of Pakistan Movements pictures, Islamic Gallery which exhibits manuscripts, Inscription and Quranic Documents that proved the Cultural Heritage of Bahawalpur District, early history of old Coins, Cholistan Art, Religious fabrics, old Heritage Jewelleries, Textiles, Graphic Arts, Metal ware and old Costumes that is outstanding items to show among visitors in a very conventional way.

Bahawalpur Museum is the best and informative Spot for families, students, tourist and visitors, who love to get the information about the early stages history, students of college and schools were also enjoyed to come at amazing Bahawalpur Museum with their seniors who taught them properly about the past history.

If the visitors want to come from Karachi city to Bahawalpur Museum, it took time to reach by car Via N-55 almost 13h 36min or 887km approximetly.

Alias Names

بہاولپور عجائب گھر‎

Established Established in 1976


NearBy Landmark Central Library
Location Circular Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab
City / Town Bahawalpur
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Bahawalpur Museum, Kachaery Chowk, Circular Road, Bahawalpur

Geo Coordinates 29.3901651 °N,    71.6856669 °E
Associated Bahawalpur District Government

Travelor Instructions

Bahawalpur Museum Bahawalpur Visit Timings

Saturday - Friday  08:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Monday - Closed

Bahawalpur Museum Entry Fees

Per Visitor - 10 Rs/-

Map Of Bahawalpur Museum

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