Andaman Island


Andaman Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island india is a beautiful and peaceful spot, belong to union territory of india. It's located in the east of the indian mainland in the Bay of Bengal. It consist of 572 Islands, 96 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 9 National Parks and 1 Biosphere Reserve worked proudly for all. Most of the islands are part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Hence, spread area around 6,408 km2 (2,474 sq mi) and noticed highest elevation about 732 m (2402 ft), approximately.

Andaman island india is one the spot where tall dense mountain trees are covered with sightseeing lush green surface, as well as lots of different kind of unseen animals, species, birds and natural beauty found all over the island which attracts outside visitors more and more to visit and spend their holidays along their family and loved ones for the a long time.

Similarly, Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar island. Mostly, Bengali is the official language and also hindi, tamil background people can be seen around the trip to guide visitors till the end of Andaman island.

Additionally, the islands have a tropical climate that’s why best time to plan a trip to andaman and nicobar island is May, June, July, December and January. Usually, foreigners, visitors come to spend their free days at this mesmerizing island and enjoy lots of attraction and activities apart like boating, swimming, snorkeling, campaigning, fishing and various other activities can be done throughout the day.

For the visitors info, at Andaman and Nicobar Island india have only 1 commercial airport is Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair which served limited cities include Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi and Bengaluru.

Millions of the visitors, tourists and foreigners wants to come and spend their holidays at Andaman and Nicobar Island at any cost to enjoy and captured their nature beauty of island for the memorial purpose.

Most noticed info before make a plan to Andaman and Nicobar Island india include Minimum Temperature is 23.2° C, Maximum Temperature is 25° C Normal Rainfall noticed is 3900 mm and Humidity is 80 % all around the year.

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Andaman and Nicobar Island India



Location India
Country India

Andaman Island, India

Geo Coordinates 12.2759815583232 °N,    92.738399496875 °E

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