Anarkali Tomb

Mall Road, Lahore

Anarkali Tomb

Anarkali Tomb Lahore is a magnificent historical monument, located in Lower Mall Road, Punjab Secretariat, Pakistan. Its construction was started during (1599-1615 C.E), after her death.

In early times, Anarkali as Nadira Begum was a beautiful, innocent lady, which have been live their life in the Emperor Akbar's haram, and pomegranate blossom is her anarkali meaning which was given by Emperors. After sometimes passes away, when young Prince Saleem completed his military training and be apart emperor, then a function has been taken place for its celebration of training, during this occasion Anarkali has participated in the dance, Prince Saleem has been noticed and admired to her beauty during grand party and once face fall in love with her instantly.

In the meanwhile, unfortunately, Emperor Akbar's hasn't accepted his relative between Prince Saleem, and ordered to buried anarkali in between walls in 1599, and Shahzada Saleem was built this anarkali tomb, when he came to power simultaneously. This is a heart touching story, which is a home of every faithful lover.

Similarly, the shape of this tomb is circular and entrenched with a vast and supercilious dome rests upon 8 arches, inside by eight massive arches 12 feet 3 inches thick that is surrounded by Anarkali Garden. Anarkali Tomb is a great place for history lovers.

Anarkali Tomb Lahore is very famous and attractive spot among history lovers, but historical landmarks places are always discussion in the topic of everyone, so whenever families, tourist, visitors, and even foreigners come to see this historical spot, surely love this place and give remarkable comments on it.

Alias Names

Anarkali's Tomb Lahore • مقبره انارکلی


Mausoleum & Shrine

NearBy Landmark Lahore Museum
Location Mall Road, Lahore
City / Town Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Anarkali Tomb, Lower Mall Road Punjab Secretrariat, Lahore

Geo Coordinates 31.5673975 °N,    74.3005920000001 °E

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  • Monday - Saturday - 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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