Amazon River

South America Continent

Amazon River

The World Longest River is Amazon River South America, in other languages like Portuguese and Spanish people famously called it "Rio Amazonas", is located in South America. As we examine, every tourist and visitors, those who love adventure tours, has raise this query in their mind that, what is the length of amazon river and how do we calculate the length in Km? because, the Amazon River is flowing in different streams, and spread in huge areas, that's why, this query always get to come in every buddy mind. In fact, the length of the Amazon River is about to 6400 kilometers (4345 miles). Isn's it amazing, what a beauty come from nature.

However, mostly of the visitors interested to visit at Amazon River Trips by Boat or Cruise, they become hire a guide, who knew all fact and figures, Do's and Don'ts professionally, and it would be safe, when any visitor come with their families and friends, because this fascinating tour as interesting, as well as dangerous too.

Moreover, Amazon River has cross onwards from many famous Cities and Countries, like Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iquitos, Leticia, Tabatinga, Tefe, Itacoatiara, Parintins, Obidos, Santarem, Almeirim, Macapa, Manaus, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Actually, it is usually flow through the Dense Rainforests which have more than thousands of known different type of species live in the Amazon River to be noticed like Anacondas in the shallow waters, they are large in size like big dangerous snakes, they usually eat big animals, Piranha or Pirana is also found in Amazon river, it lives in fresh water of South America. They are very small in size but known for their sharp teeth and powerful jaws, Catfish, Bull Sharks, Lots of lovely Dolphins, Number of small and large snakes, variety of Birds, and plenty of uncountable species to be located formally.

Similarly, the Amazon River has lots of uses and advantages to be found, like usually through the Amazon river can get hydroelectric power, also use for generate electricity, good usage for large number of Growing crops because, its contain fresh water so animals can also drink from Amazon River to live healthy, and many more usage of the fresh clean blue Amazon River can be seen in South America.

Whenever, the interesting visitors wants to visit this spot, firstly, let's get all the fact and figures, and hire the tour guide for the safe journey, all along with family and friends.

Alias Names

Rio Amazonas Basin



Location South America Continent
State South America
Country South America

Amazon River, South America

Geo Coordinates -1.6441282 °N,    -61.65994439999997 °E

Travelor Instructions

Best Season To Visit at Amazon River South America

  • June till November

Amazon River South America Visit Timings

All days - 24 Hours Open

Amazon River Map

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