Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum

Clifton, Karachi

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum

Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi Karachi is an old and huge space of religious place, located in Clifton, Sindh, Pakistan. Most of the followers or believers of Abdullah shah ghazi come from different cities to prayers inside the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi by heart.

As some years passes, can find that Karachi and other cities has quantities of the Mausoleum, Shrines, and Tombs places increase day by day, or the followers and devotees are as increase fastly in every corners.

Similarly, the mazar of the Abdullah Shah Ghazi design has a unique kind which has a green and white striped dome, decorated with traditional Sindhi blue tiles which represent ultimate look from far in a very good manner.

Furthermore, the arrangement of the devotees and followers has separate sitting and eating spaces, that's why, every single women or men feel comfort during prayers in front of the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine.

Many families with their children's, students, girls, boys, tourist and visitors come for prayer, some have come to get the information about the history behind, and some has come to be aware of religious culture.

Alias Names

Dargah of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi • Tomb of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi • عبد الله شاه غازى‎


Mausoleum & Shrine

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Location Clifton, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum, Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Clifton, Karachi

Geo Coordinates 24.8105143 °N,    67.03035560000001 °E

Travelor Instructions

Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi Karachi Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours open

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum Map


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