Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan


Skardu City is a beautiful city and famous for high Mountain range, located in Skardu District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is an about to Elevation 2,228m in a sea level.

Skardu local people are a mixture of Tibetan and Caucasian stock and speak Balti, an ancient form of Tibetan. Due to the similarity of its culture, lifestyle and architecture with Tibet, Baltistan is famous for its natural beauty, also known as the "Tibet-e-Khurd" (Little Tibet).

Skardu Baltistan has present many famous high Mountains peaks and treks, Glacier are the Karakoram Range, K2 Base Camp and Concordia, High trekkers, Baltoro Glacier and some other attractive and beautiful places for tourist and visitors like Kharpocho Fort, Mindoq Khar, Hilal Bagh, Chahar Bagh, Shangrila Resort, Buddhist Rock, Nansoq Village, Kachura Lake, Sadpara Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Deosai National Park, Shigar Valley, Sheosar Lake, Braldo Valley, Thungal, Askole, Kharmang Valley, Snow Lake and so many other beautiful nature landmark valleys, lakes and bazaars are present in the Skardu Baltistan.

Alias Names




Highway Code S-1
Location Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
State Gilgit Baltistan
Country Pakistan

Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 35.2900896 °N,    75.64534309999999 °E

Skardu Attractions

Skardu City around attractive places

  • Kharpocho Fort
  • Mindoq Khar
  • Hilal Bagh
  • Chahar Bagh
  • Shangrila Resort
  • Buddhist Rock
  • Nansoq Village
  • Kachura Lake
  • Sadpara Lake
  • Upper Kachura Lake
  • Deosai National Park
  • Shigar Valley
  • Sheosar Lake
  • Braldo Valley
  • Thungal
  • Askole
  • Kharmang Valley
  • Snow Lake

Map Of Skardu

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