14 Most Haunted Places in the World

Will Scare You

14 Most Haunted Places in the World

Are you looking for some World Most Haunted Places? then this article is perfect for you. Here, we will show some of the real world haunted places attached with real stories behind.

Aokigahara Forest Japan

Aokigahara Forest or Suicide Forest also known as the "Sea of Trees", located northwest of the Mount Fuji. It spread area across about 35 sq km. Moreover, it's naturally beautiful and attractive place for hikers and adventure lover people who come to spend their precious time in green dense forest along their friends and families.


However, firstly, these are the warning words for visitors who come outside the entrance of the Japan Aokigahara Forest. Note, read and understand carefully, then decided to go and explore the Suicide Forest, the words are "Think carefully about your children, your family and your life is a precious gift from your parents”.

Let's start the real story behind this Suicide Forest or Aokigahara Forest. The forest has a historical reputation as a home to ghosts of the dead in Japanese mythology or some says this trend on the forest along with demons, as well as, others spotted towards large underground deposits of iron, which interfere with compasses and make it easy to get lost. Getting lost here is quite easy but coming out is impossible, because of the denseness of the forest.


Aokigahara forest has been very famous spot because of its suicide stories attached behind, attract more visitors, hiker and adventure lover people all around the world to come and explore this mysterious place not alone and also avoid visiting during night time.

Poveglia Island Italy


Poveglia Island is a small but greeny and beautiful island. It's located in the south lagoon between Venice and Lido in Italy. Long time ago, life in Poveglia Island has been gone as normal routine life all the local’s visitors, adventurous people come across in this small beautiful island to spend their vacations and also explore this island along their friends and buddies.

All of a sudden, the bubonic plague and other incurable disease come all over the island and also this place is used as quarantine zone for people suffering from the plague along time. This beautiful island is converted into black zone disease. As well as, island was also used as a psychiatric hospital in the early 20th century.


Therefore, black history of this island is unforgotten for all the locals and visitors who wants to come there but Government has decided to shut down for good, because of its history, the island is frequently featured on paranormal activities. A lot of unexplained incidents happened on the island, so decided to close this island permanently for safety purpose.

Monte Cristo Homestead Australia

In Beautiful Australia, there is a famous haunted house named "Monte Cristo Homestead" which attract thousands of people around the world in a single day. It's located in town of Junee, New South Wales, Australia. It's built in 1885 by Christopher William Crawley in a very professional and unique way.


Monte Cristo Homestead is a double story house built in a Late Victorian Style. In fact lots of horrible stories attached in cristo house, some says, a black shadow always follows all around the corner of the house, whispering, laughing voices come all over the corners. Some says, there’s some poltergeist activity going on. The young child who was dropped down the stairs and the maid fell from the balcony. As well as, stable boy who burned near to death. In short, day by day the strange unwanted incidents come across at Monte cristo house.


For the visitors and ghost lovers info, Monte Cristo Homestead Australia owner has their own website "montecristo.com.au, it's a good practice for all visitors who wants to visit and spend night there to get information through this link all the visitors can get information about Monte Cristo Homestead Australia online Booking and History, Monte Cristo Homestead Australia Ghost Tours, Monte Cristo Homestead Australia Timings, Monte Cristo Homestead Australia Prices, Monte Cristo Homestead Overnight Stay and other more information can get easily to above link.

Several years ago, the house has been shown on different paranormal shows, Scream Test, Ghost Hunters International. You can visit the Monte Cristo Homestead on Friday to Monday from 10 am - 4 pm. Start every Saturday at 6 pm.

Ancient Ram Inn England

Ancient Ram Inn England is the oldest building in Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire. It was built in 1145, owned by many people since 1145 and was in the private ownership of John Humphries until his death in December 2017.


Actually, the Ancient Ram Inn was used by priests who kept slaves and workers to help build the St. Mary’s Church. Many investigation officers, paranormal teams have been investigating to stay overnight for real experience and the results was positive. Many good or bad power present in that Ram in house till yet.

For the visitors and ghost lovers info, Ancient Ram Inn owner has their own website "ancientraminn.co.uk, it's a good practice for all visitors who wants to visit and spend night there to get information through this link all the visitors can get information about Ancient Ram Inn online Booking and History, Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Tours, Ancient Ram Inn Timings, Ancient Ram Inn stay overnight Prices, Ancient Ram Inn and other more information can get easily to above link.


Notice, Paranormal Event Tour Companies can visit Sunday to Thursday nights. Furthermore, Private viewing and guided tours available 7 days, timings are 10:00 PM to 3:00 PM or more details visit their official site.

Screaming Tunnel Canada

In early 1800s, the tunnel has been constructed which is 16 feet, 5m in height and 125 feet long, located in the corner of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Many years ago, this normal tunnel famously called Screaming Tunnel.


The story behind this Screaming Tunnel, there is a young girl raped inside the tunnel and her body was burned, can't get help from anyone and she died inside the tunnel, after this horrible incident occur tunnel turn into Screaming Tunnel or Most Haunted Tunnel in Canada.

If someone wants to visit then go to your own risk along with safety precautions.

Lizzie Borden House Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden House is famous as a mysterious double murder house, located in 230 Second Street Fall River, Massachusetts.

After the death of Lizzie mother, all the problem started from there, lizzie and her sister was ignoring and face difficulties from her stepmother. His father was all the time busy in their businessman matters and won't gave time to their daughters, day after days, her loneliness became over in her head and she decided to kill both father and stepmother at the same time. She was uncontrolled and can't overcome their negative thoughts against their father and stepmother, so she become killed both of them at the same day with Axe which is now a days called bloody Axe.


After that, Lizzie Borden House was listed for sale in 2021 and was sold to Lance Zaal for $2 million. Now a days, it's open for all the entertainers ghosty lovers, who become feel real ghosty experience in their own way. Visitors can visit daily from 10:00 AM to Midnight. In Lizzie Borden House featured include, House Tour, Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunts.

For the visitors and ghost lovers info, Lizzie Borden House has their own website "lizzie-borden.com, it's a good practice for all visitors who wants to visit and spend night there to get information through this link all the visitors can get information about Lizzie Borden House online Booking, Lizzie Borden House History, Lizzie Borden House Ghost Tours, Lizzie Borden House Timings, Lizzie Borden House stay overnight Prices, Lizzie Borden House and other more information can get easily to above link.

Rose Hall Jamaica

Rose Hall is a Jamaican plantation house popularly known as White Witch House, located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was built in mid-18th Century by George Ash. Now a day, this house run as a historic house museum.

Historically, the Rose Hall tells us story behind that, Annee Palmer have killed their three husbands and haunts the property. Overall, this beautiful stunning lush green property now turn into museum and manage it very professionally.


Rose Hall Jamaica mansion captured the jamaican peoples and other heart to offers 36 holes of championship play, Luxury Residential Communities, Golf Course, Cinnamon Hill, Anne’s Escape Bundle and visitors can organize their special wedding day at Rose Hall to enjoy their day turn into marvelous moments.

For the visitors and spooky lover info, Rose Hall Jamaica has their own website "rosehall.com, it's a good practice for all visitors who wants to visit and experienced at their own way. All the visitors can get information about Rose Hall Jamaica online Booking, Rose Hall Jamaica History, Rose Hall Jamaica Wedding Events, Rose Hall Jamaica Timings, Rose Hall Jamaica Golf Course, Rose Hall Jamaica details and other information can get easily to above link.

Tat Tak School Hong Kong


Tat Tak School Hong Kong is one of the famous haunted spot in Hong Kong. It's located in Ping Ha Road was built in 1974 nearly closed in 1998. It has been abandoned since 1988, included in Top Ten Creepy Places.

However, the past of this school and related town is unforgettable. During the time of british, they slaughtered and buried locals there when they refused to cede their land. tat-tak-school-hong-kong.jpgIf they were refuse their offer then horrible punishment past their lives, town people or local one’s sound screaming all over the corner of the area as well as, locals were slaughtered under the Japanese occupation, their bones were buried in the hillside near the school. Unfortunately, another story of the teacher in the school who has been suicide itself and many time seen in the school around the corner.

All these rumors gone viral all over the corner of the Hong Kong, every haunted spot has an unbelievable history or horrible past behind and then that spot turn into haunted spooky place for the world.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital South Korea

The most popular topic in South Korea is "Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital”. spooky-place-gonjiam-psychiatric-hospital.jpg Thousands of rumors attached in this spooky place why this spot is so famous among tourists, camera crews and ghost hunters.

Attractive story of Gonjiam psychiatric hospital, there were two students who studying or learning psychiatry started committing suicides without any reason. Moreover, the lady doctor treated psychic patients and then died eventually at operation rooms 402. The rumors sparkling around the corner that lady doctor and their ill patients spirit still live there and no one can go alone at Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital South Korea.


Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is closed for all the ghost lover, tourists who attract and come to explore the real story experience behind. If visitors want to go inside the hospital, then go to their own risk because this hospital is the most haunted spooky Psychiatric Hospital in South Korea.

The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet Sweden


The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet as famous Sweden Most Haunted House was built in 1876, located in Borgvattnet 760, Stugun, Jamtland, Sweden. It's a small but greeny and smoke free village, only 52 locals lived there.

Suddenly, this Old Vicarage Borgvattnet haunted spot spread rumors all around the corner of sweden in 1940s. During in 1927, chaplain Nils Hedlund was lived there, noticed the unexpected weird things happening around in the house including laundry being torn down from the line, Sounds of screaming, a baby crying, Small shadow, the rocking chair started moving itself and A tall dark man wearing a hat has been seen around and more other strong Paranormal activities started around his family.

Moreover, the real story behind this paranormal events are one of the priest live at Borgvattnet had a sexual relationship with 19 years old young girl was became pregnant, he locked her in a backyard and leave her alone for a longtime, her childbirth was difficult to handle alone and died with her child at the backyard. Sadly, her angry spirit negativity spread all around the Vicarage Borgvattnet house.


For the visitors and spooky lover’s info, The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet has their own website "borgvattnet.eu, it's a good practice for all visitors who wants to visit and experienced at their own way. All the visitors can get information about The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet online Booking, The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet History, The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet Visit Timings, The Old Vicarage Borgvattnet details and other information can get easily through above link.

Now a days, the vicarage house is run as a small bed and breakfast, Rooms in Prastgarden can be booked around May - Oct. If someone stay at whole night alone will receive good words and precaution certificate from the owner.

The Old Changi Hospital Singapore


The Old Changi Hospital Singapore is a Chinese hospital which was forced to captured by Japanese forces, located in 24 Halton Road, Singapore. It was then used as a healthcare center for prisoners during World War II.


Apparently, Changi Hospital Singapore is the Most Haunted place in Singapore, because after captured the hospital by Japanese forces, they turned it into a torture camp during World War II.

Many experiments were take place in the locals and others badly, that’s why all the locals and other people spirit turn into angry soul and spread all over the hospital, can see their spirits some live you tube channels.

Hoia Baciu Forest Romania


The Hoia Baciu Forest is a deep green beautiful spooky forest, located in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania. This deep forest has spread area about 3 square kilometers.

Hoia Baciu Forest was famous as a haunted forest in the world. Thousands of visitors who love to explore different places either haunted and some paranormal activities pass through would check this Hoia Baciu Forest is the right place for them.


Thousands of unexpected stories attached with this horrible forest like some hikers suddenly disappeared, freaky noises, alien encounters, physical problem appearance like rashes, headaches and high fever and more other activities can be seen or felt when you pass through this situation at Most Haunted Forest name Hoia Baciu Forest.

Pluckley Village United Kingdom


Pluckley Village is another piece of haunting place reported Guinness Book of Records as a "The Most Haunted Village", located in Kent, United Kingdom. It's approximately 5 miles (8 km) from the nearest junction of the M20 motorway.

Many years ago, this beautiful village was full loaded with living people who agriculture their good very well, but suddenly suspicious events appeared around the side of village people, at least 12 to 16 ghosts haunt the village very badly.


Some ghost stories rumors around that an screaming man worked as A brickwork died become ghosty, A Highwayman run with a sword was pinned to a tree known as Fright Corner, A Schoolmaster who was found children hanging in his room and nowadays, he has been seen wearing his favorite old coat and stripy trousers, Elderly Woman she accidentally on fire while sleeping, Walker man people have also noticed the haunting smell of burning wool or yarn, Red Lady who haunts the churchyard after dark, Black Horse and more other ghost stories found in the Pluckley Village.

Dow Hill West Bengal


Dow Hill is one of the beautiful hill station in India also famous as "The Most Haunted Hill Station" for many years ago, located in Kurseong, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. It's nearby to Darjeeling at 30 kilometers.

Let's have a look about its haunted or mysterious stories rumors around the corner of Dow Hill Station. Thousands of visitors, travellers as well as locals come and they faced unexpected force freeze their bodies and head.


Moreover, some says that, when they strolling around the forest to enjoy natural vibes around, seen headless boy running and hiding around them, a ghost of a grey clad woman running wildly in the woods and the screaming of unknown entity of child and mother sounds afraid all the environment throughout the day.

Local people said that, after 7 PM never come out at the houses at the place of "Dow Hill Mysterious Haunted Hill Station of India."